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I am Erik van Otterdijk

At a young age, I started playing keyboard. After a while, my former teacher told me I should play in a band. From there, everything changed. I then started my first band Uncle Harry with which I played on various stages and festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. I also started studying at the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht, after which I moved on to the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Here I graduated as a pop keyboard player with several subjects in music production.


I currently work as a music teacher and producer.  As a teacher, I teach at CKE in Eindhoven and the Muziekfabriek in Utrecht. As a producer, I am active with projects that have taken me to Paradiso and the Melkweg, among others.


I also produce music for others, mix and master tracks and can sometimes be heard as a keyboard player. My first two singles are just released under the name EVOTT.

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