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Music production

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Various productions

By now, I have been producing tracks for almost 10 years. With the tracks I have made in that time, I have played live in Paradiso and the Melkweg, among others. 
For studio productions, I use Logic Pro X and for live productions I use Ableton Live. Both are completely different, but have their own strengths. 

Studio productions

For studio productions, I use Logic Pro X and work a lot with top-quality plugins. Think Universal Audio, FabFilter, Soundtoys etc. They give me many possibilities in terms of creativity, but remain top notch when it comes to audio quality. 

Some have the science, less is more. My rule is: If it sounds good, don't touch it again! A production is a coming together of melodic and rhythmic parts and their sounds. Combining that into a compact track is my challenge!

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Live productions

With live productions, you take a very different approach. Here you are mostly dealing with a different, less compact form, of sound. In addition, live, you don't want any delay in the sound and some want to control the production themselves through MIDI. This can be an awful lot of work to determine a routing for this and keep an overview. 

I can help you with both the technical and live sound in these productions

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