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Mixing & Mastering

2 very important parts for releasing your track. A mix determines which sounds come out best in your track and the master ensures a coherent whole. 

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Mix preparation

Preparation is important in a mix. What kind of music is it, how many tracks does it have, how do you want it to sound? All elements that matter in a mix. As soon as you have more clarity in this, you will be able to hear it in your mix. So prepare yourself well!

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Every mix is different. That is why it is important to listen to it carefully. Because every mix is different, every mix needs to be treated differently. I mainly specialise in mixing harder rock and dance music. If you are interested in a mix by me, please contact me. Then together we can see what suits your track best.


€100 per track, excluding VAT (up to 24 tracks)
More than 24 tracks in one song or an EP or album?

Please contact me.

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Mastering ensures that the track comes together as a whole. During the mix, each element has been given its place, but sometimes it can still feel like they don't quite belong together. This is why it is often the case that a track is mastered one more time. That also involves looking at the loudness of your track during mastering.

1 song €50,-*
2 songs €95,-*
3 songs €135,-*
4 songs €170,-*
5 songs €200,-*
More than 5 songs? Please contact me

*All these amounts are without VAT

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